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  • If a user clicks on a campaign multiple times, click is counted as many times as the user clicks. In this case, Click could be greater than Impression, resulting in a CTR greater than 100%.
  • If Impression is zero, CTR will shown as zero because it is no meaningful to calculate CTR.

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Different from traditional Banner ADs

Since Audio Recognition is a new type of AD, it is different from traditional Banner ADs in many ways.

It targets the campaign exposure actively.

Different from banner ads, it has a relatively high CTR because it actively exposes the appropriate campaign to the target that performs audio recognition. Target audience actively performs "audio recognition" to get additional information about the ad material or episode shown on the 1st screen, so it has a high impact on decision making.

Also because of this, you can expect a high effect with just Impression itself, not just click.

SORI Console defines the following terms:

ImpressionThe number of times a campaign is delivered to a customer's device by successfully recognizing audio.
ClickThe number of times a customer clicks on a campaign that has been delivered to the customer's device.
CTRclick-throught rate (Clicks / Impressions)

Meaning of number in report

Once the campaign is delivered, you can implement it to store the campaign on the device and view it again according to the strategy. In this case, Impression does not increase. However, you can expect a continuous exposure effect, and Click can occur repeatedly.

Because of this, the exposure effect and click effect are much more valuable than traditional banner ads.