SORI API is allows you to integrate SORI's audio recognition feature into your application. With SORI SDK, you doesn't need to implement the API directly. SDK will handle the API call and provide the result to your application.

  • Fast and high recognition rate (8 seconds on average)
  • Noise-resistant
  • Uses audio printing technology
  • Uses an in-device recognition approach
  • Supports SDKs for Android and iOS
  • Audio recognition can be added to existing apps
  • Create personalized audio recognition apps
  • Turn mobile devices into second screens
  • Connect various video and audio media to your revenue business
  • Provides recognition source, statistical data management tools
  • Various services such as campaigns, events, quizzes, etc.

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Quick Start

Learn more about SORI SDK

Sori Console

Go to the SORI Console

What's included

Fast and high recognition rates

Reliable recognition performance of 90%+ at home and 95%+ in theaters

Audio Printing Technology

Technology that recognizes original sound rather than a form of ultrasonic indexing

Second Screen

Integration of smartphones with traditional media such as TVs and theater screens


Easily merge sound recognition technology into existing apps with a small amount of code

SORI Console

Integrated management tool for recognition sources and post-recognition events


Real-time audience measurement, out-of-home advertising monitoring, TVCF surveys, etc