Managing Campaign

This section describes how to manage the campaigns. After deivce recognizes the audio, it sends the audio recognition result to the server. The server then returns the campaign information to the device.

Campaign List

Recent campaign list

  • Name of Campaign
  • Tags of Campaign
  • Date of Campaign creation

You can search for campaigns by tags and name.

Creating a Campaign

First, to create a Campaign, click the + at the bottom right of the page.

Please fill form in the following information.

Adding a new campaign

  • Name: Campaign title to use within the admin page. It will be utilized for search.
  • Title: The campaign title that will be displayed to users. It is not utilized for search.
  • Operation Period: If the campaign is not in operation, the campaign will not be displayed even if the material is recognized.
  • Tags: You can write delimited tags by pressing Enter. These are utilized in search.
  • Action: Goes to the URL entered when the user clicks on the campaign.
  • Image: The image that is shown when a user recognizes the linked recognition source.

Clicking Add will register the new campaign.

If you don't link any material to the campaign, it won't work.

Editing a Campaign

Click the row of the campaign you want to edit.

Campaign details

Campaign Detail

  • Name: Click the pencil button to edit. Click the check button to save.
  • Link Materials: You can register awareness sources to expose the campaign.
  • Place: If you do not link a place, the campaign will be displayed on recognition regardless of the location. If you register a place, the campaign will be displayed on recognition only at the registered place.
If multiple campaigns are linked to single material, only the most recent campaign will be displayed.

If you have no further changes to make, click to save them.

Deleting a Campaign

  1. Click the row of the campaign you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete cmapaign in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Confirm
Deleting a campaign will delete all related report data.