Managing Application

You can create an app_id and secret_key, which are required for integration with your mobile apps.

In most cases, only one app key is required for your app, but if you offer more than one app, you can create and manage different app keys for each app.

The app_id and secret_key are used by SORI API server to authenticate the SDK. These are passwords, so keep them safe. If you suspect that your app key has been compromised, you can revoke and re-create it in SORI console.

Create App ID & Secret Key

To create a App Key, click the + at the bottom right of the page.

Please enter a name to identify each App Key and click Create. Now you should be able to see the created App ID and Secret Key in the list.

If you run multiple apps, you can create different App Keys in the same way.

Delete App ID & Secret Key

If the APP ID and SECRET KEY are compromised, you can revoke the app.

Please note that this app cannot be recovered after deletion, and the SDKs that use it will no longer work.

You can delete the APP Key by clicking to the right of the APP Key's creation date.