Welcome to the SORI API FAQ section. Here, we strive to provide comprehensive answers to your queries about our service.

User Experience

Q1. Is background recognition possible?

SORI SDK allows for flexible development of your app, enabling recognition to start and stop according to your preference, even when the app is in the background.

(a) Common ways to start recognition include automatically starting recognition in the background even if the app is not active, (b) automatically starting recognition when the app is turned on, or (c) starting recognition by pressing the Start Recognition button within the app. We recommend the last option (c) because the first option is very unfriendly to Google and Apple. With the last option (c), since the user presses the Start Recognition button, Apple and Google won't interfere and the recognition results won't be treated as spam.

SORI sdk does not enforce a forced termination policy, so you can create and apply a stop recognition policy as you wish. You can set recognition to stop when the app is completely closed, when the app is switched to the background, or when the user presses the stop recognition button.

Q2. What is a recognizable sound volume?

If the sound of the media is loud enough for humans to hear, they will recognize it well. If the environment is quiet and the media is loud, such as in a theater, recognition will be better.

Q3. Can users view material recognition results at a later time (e.g., after the movie, the next day)?

The display, saving, and deletion of recognition results are contingent on the app's operational policy, determined by its developer. Users may delete results directly or they may be automatically deleted after viewing, based on your app's operational policy. When a user clicks on a saved recognition result, it is reflected in the statistics.

Q4. Are there service limitations such as daily recognizable material count?

There are no restrictions on the number of materials that can be recognized, the amount of time they can be recognized, etc. This can be determined by the developer based on their policies.

However, please note that the same material cannot be recognized in succession without using the refresh function.

  • Material A → Material A (x) Showing the same result consecutively may seem like a mistake. Therefore, SORI API does not show the same recognition result consecutively.
  • Material A → Material B → Material A (o) After a different recognition result, SORI API will show the recognition result.
  • Material A → (refreshing) → Material A (o) By pressing the refresh button in the demo app, the previous result is deleted, so the same recognition result as the last recognition result (just before pressing the refresh button) can be shown.

Q5. What if SORI SDK fails to recognize a material or display a campaign?

First, make sure the material is available. If the small circle to the left of the material's thumbnail is red or yellow, delete the material and re-add it. If it is gray, re-enable the material.

If the material is enabled but still not recognized(shown in green), please check the following details.

  • For your App
    • Has your app started recognizing?
    • Did you restart recognition or reload the app after adding/editing the material or the campaign?
    • Is the environment too noisy or the media too quiet?
    • Are you using another app that uses your phone's microphone?
  • For the recognition resource
    • Does the material have long silent sections?
    • Is the material composed of whispers, household noise, and other sounds difficult to identify?
  • For SORI console
    • Is today within the material's operating period?
    • Is the material linked to the campaign?
    • Is today within the campaign's operating period?

SORI Console

Q1. Who are the console users?

Console users are legally a contracted licensed company with SORI API usage rights. All console users can independently operate their own service. iPlateia does not access the contracted SORI Console account either. A licensed company can operate autonomously and independently.

Also, A licensed company can directly manage the users of the SORI Console. Users are authorized with different permissions depending on the role you specify when inviting them. All data is visible to all users within their account.

Q2. How long does it take to upload materials/campaigns?

When adding a campaign and a material, set the start date to the same day to ensure that the material is recognized and the campaign is visible immediately. If you specify a start date and an end date, it will automatically start and end on the registered dates.

Q3. Can past campaigns be reactivated?

Once a material/campaign is added, it doesn't disappear unless you delete it. Campaigns that have ended their duration can be reused by editing the duration.

You should properly manage the campaign operation period. Once the campaign is activated, it is recognized and shows the recognized result. This is reflected in the statistics. App users may receive incorrect results that have passed or ended.

Q4. Can I customize different actions based on user demographics?

We do not collect or store user's personal information. You need to perform user analysis in a separate survey or link page connected to the recognized results.

Q5. How many concurrent sessions are allowed?

You're configuring your server to handle sufficient traffic. Resource monitoring gives you the flexibility to scale.

If you expect a sudden increase in users due to short-term events or similar, please let us know 3 days in advance so we can prepare accordingly.

Q6. If I start recognizing while the material is playing, will it be recognized?

Yes, as metadata extraction occurs in near-second increments throughout the entirety of the material.

However, we recommend a minimum length of 10 to 15 seconds for recognition. If you start recognition with very little playback time left, it might not be recognized.

Q7. How do I get an app id and secret key?

These can be acquired via the 'Application' menu by clicking on the '+' button at the bottom right corner. You usually only need to get one,

but you may get several if you create multiple apps that use the same material, or if your secret is leaked and you revoke it and create a new one.

Q8. What does the time display in the upper right corner of SORI console signify?

This represents your last login time, useful for multi-user in single account.

The default time zone is Asia/Seoul but can be adjusted by Administrator in My Account page. Time zone settings are reflected in the material and the campaign operation period. It is also reflected in the date of the report.

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