We've prepared a demo app for you to try out. It's a simple app that only recognize some videos and shows the results in a list view.

Download the SORI app at the google play and app store



DownloadDownload from Apple appstore


DownloadDownload from Google playstore

After you've installed the app, you can try it out by running the following steps:

  • Open the app
  • Allow the app to use your microphone
  • Touch START to start the recognition
  • Then, play the video below to recognize it

It will start recognizing the video continuously and show the results in a list view. You can touch the item to see the details of the recognition.

You can clear and reset the recognition result by touching button at the top right corner of the screen. it is useful when you want to try testing the recognition again without influencing the previous results.

After you've tried out the demo app, please click the STOP{size=small} button to stop the recognition. If not, the recognition will continue to run in the background until you stop it.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback while trying out the demo app.


You can experience the recognition results of the video content.

  • Information on five video advertisements: This refers to the details of five different video commercials.
  • Information on actors appearing in the drama: This is about the actors who are part of the cast in the drama.
  • Information on two product placements in the drama: This is about two specific products that are being promoted or shown in the drama.
  • Information on filming locations featured in the drama: This refers to the specific places or locations where the drama was shot or filmed.