About the SORI API


Bridging Analog and Digital Worlds in Real Time SORI API pioneers sound recognition technology that connects traditional media like TV, radio, and theaters with personal smartphones. This opens up interactive and seamless experiences between the analog and digital worlds.

Our proprietary algorithm analyzes the unique sound patterns of any media content in real time. It generates an ID that is matched on our servers to metadata of the target content.

With our SDK integrated into apps, smartphones can instantly recognize sounds from TV, movies, radio ads, etc. Rich information and services related to the content are unlocked on the personal device.

Key Benefits:

  • Enable interactive ads on traditional media like TV and cinema. Allow real-time shopping, info access, events, and coupons.
  • Get instant info about products, actors, locations, music, etc. seen and heard on shows and films. No more time-wasting searches.
  • Secure valuable consumer data and reach of analog media exposure like TV and radio. Revolutionary for ad targetting and research.

The future of marketing is immediate, interactive experiences triggered seamlessly between media old and new. SORI API makes this future a reality today.

How Our Sound Recognition Works

Step 1 - Register Target Content

We begin by having our partners register the media content they want to recognize. This could be a TV ad, radio clip, movie scene, etc. Our proprietary algorithm analyzes the audio and extracts unique identifying points called 3D sound waveforms. These waveform patterns are converted into signature IDs and stored in our server along with metadata like the content name, timestamps, etc.

Step 2 - Recognize Sound Patterns

When a user has our SDK integrated into an app and recognition enabled, we start listening through the smartphone microphone. Our technology picks up the audio from any media playing around the user. It compares the sound patterns in real-time and matches it to any registered target content audio fingerprints stored on our servers. Within seconds we can identify the exact ad, clip, scene, etc.

Step 3 - Unlock Interactive Services

As soon as the content is recognized, we unlock customized and interactive experiences on the user's smartphone related to that media moment. This could include shopping, info lookup, coupons, events and much more. The possibilities are endless when analog media moments become interactive gateways. The future is here. SORI API connects analog and digital in real-time through the power of sound recognition.

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security

At SORI API, we take privacy and security extremely seriously. Our sound recognition technology is designed from the ground up to operate without ever collecting, storing, or aggregating any personal data or content audio. We do not access any user device details or information from apps using our SDK.

Our proprietary algorithm converts audio into abstract signature IDs that cannot be reverse-engineered to reproduce the original sounds. No actual media content is ever extracted or retained by our systems. You can trust that SORI API enables real-time connections between analog and digital in the most private and secure manner possible. Your data protection is our top priority.